Paarl Valley Bottling Company is Certified to the following:

  • BRC Global Standards – Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8
  • IFS FOOD Version 6.1
  • NRCS – SANS1841:2008 Control of the quantity of contents in prepacked packages
    within the prescriptions of legal metrology ( “e-mark)
  • IPW
  • SOLAS Accredited – Verifying gross mass for export containers


The company is listed on SEDEX and undergo annual SMETA 4-pillar audit.
SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) is a compilation of best practices in ethical audit.

The SMETA Audit Methodology – use the ETI Base Code, founded on the conventions of the International Labour Organization, as well as relevant local laws.
A SMETA 2-pillar audit comprises the following modules:

  • Labor Standards
  • Health and Safety
  • Additional Elements:
    • Management Systems
    • Entitlement to Work
    • Subcontracting and Homeworking
    • Environmental assessment (shortened)

A SMETA 4-pillar audit covers the above elements, plus:

  • Environmental assessment (extended)
  • Business Ethics

For more information regarding certification and compliance, contact us here

Exclusions and justification for exclusions:
Design and development of products - PBM is a service provider and all customers are responsible for their own design and development of packaging within PBM capability to handle the packaging material. SQA where it is the responsibility of the client to ensure compliance to specification and food safety - Packaging or raw materials used for processing are selected and provided by the client. Selection of suppliers used by PBM's clients is outside the direct control of PBM. Materials provided by the client constitute customer property and are controlled by PBM to prevent their damage or deterioration while it is on our premises.